REMCO’s Forensic Utility Audits Produces In-depth Results

With our utility engineers and proprietary Forensic Utility Audits, we challenge you to find a company that recovers as much in hard dollar savings.

REMCO Is The Best and Most Logical Choice for Utility Audit and Bill Payment:
Experience auditing utility and landlord invoices since 1984
Combination of experienced auditors and engineers analyzing invoices and creating accurate energy footprints results in greatest overcharge discoveries - proprietary "Forensic Utility Audits™"
On-staff engineers use the “ASHRAE Modified Bin Method” for calculating energy usage
Extensive proprietary database of algorithmic calculations for establishing accurate energy footprints
Strict adherence to proper engineering principles and methodologies
Subsidiary company specializing in installing energy monitoring systems and monitoring of parallel test meters
Many satisfied companies in diverse industries such as: multi-site retail chains, car rental agencies, government agencies, restaurants, banking, grocery, and Fortune 100 companies
Data integrity resulting in no more than 4 errors / 1 million transactions after 132 system edit and auditing checks

“Not All Utility Audits Are Created Equal”
While there are other utility auditing and bill management companies, the real difference is in the depth of the audit. After the low-hanging fruit is gone --- after the obvious mistakes, errors and anomalies are completed and resolved -- it’s amazing how much money is still left on the table. REMCO’s Forensic Utility Audits™ covers all possibilities, both accounting and engineering, and results in the greatest overcharge discoveries and the most savings for our clients (see Case Studies and Testimonials).

Time and time again REMCO has taken over where other utility auditing companies left off.

What’s Different?
REMCO analysts meticulously review your bills while its engineering department performs energy calculations and creates accurate energy footprints and uses this information to determine the accuracy and the reasonableness of the bills.

Why is that significant?
REMCO’s Engineering Department applies engineering principles in calculating and determining your company's energy profiles -- a standard baseline to prevent utility overcharges.

What does that mean?
REMCO performs more in-depth utility audits than any other utility auditing company. Our experience, expertise, and extensive knowledgebase allows us to recover significantly more overcharges for our clients. (See Case Studies; See Testimonials)

True or False? Like-Site Comparisons Will Always Uncover Whether a Location is Being Overcharged By the Utility Company.

False, Site to site, month to month, year to year, and vendor to vendor comparisons are useful tools in determining whether there is an overcharge issue. However, if a "Reasonable Test" is not performed by a staff of engineers, there is a good chance the overcharge may go undetected.

Case Study: This is one of our inline tenants with 2,167 locations and an average square footage of 1,930 square feet. Our client had just switched energy consultants 3 months ago. REMCO's Engineering Department benchmarked this particular site. During a routine “Reasonable Test”, it was discovered that the electric charge was $5 per square foot and should have only been $3.75. REMCO calculated that its client was being overcharged by the utility company for 12 Years. Unfortunately due to the utility company’s tariff, REMCO could only go back for 3 years.

Results: Still REMCO was able to obtain $11,982.19 in refunds for this client.

Midwest Specialty Retailer

True or False? If Your Landlord Provides Substantive Documentation for Their Utility Increases, There is Little to No Recourse.

False, It is not impossible.

Case Study: One of our big box client’s with 475 locations with an average square footage of 57,320 square feet had overcharges in 3 California locations. This same landlord denied the overcharges by substantiating it with an engineering study from its outside consulting firm. Not convinced of their findings, REMCO's Engineering Department ran a study to parallel the landlord’s study.

The following were the findings from REMCO's engineers:
• The Landlord used rated load amps verses running load amps
• The Landlord was not simulating the building loads properly
• The Landlord was not using proper weather tables

Results: We ended up proving our case and settled with the Landlord in the amount of $157,377.

West Coast, Big Box Retailer


How Much Money Are You Overpaying Your Utility Company or Landlord?

REMCO can help you determine how much you're being overcharged and help you save money. It doesn’t matter whether your company is a retail chain, bank, government agency, school, restaurant, supermarket or a Fortune 500 company, these same facts apply to all of them.

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